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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

When it comes to posting a career listing, virtual resume; has everything you need to create beautiful listings, that will grab your applicant's attention.

Setting Up Your Profile

Once your signed up, as an employer, you can start editing your profile page. Above is a perfect example of a professional business profile. You want to clarify what your business does, where your business is located, and your mission statement. You could also add, any achievements of your business and why the applicant should apply. Make sure that you keep your business separate, from your personal life. If you have some one managing your business account; whether it's an employee or yourself, make sure that they don't sign up as your business, but that they sign up; individually. Your business should sign up as a business.

Business Video

This video will explain your business, professionally. It will help give applicants an idea of what your business does, what your business has achieved, and the experience your business has obtained; throughout the business's operation life. This video will also help applicants get to know your business, before they apply to your position. It helps applicants understand who you are, before they submit an application. Make A Good First Impression! How many applicants have you lost because your business was poorly represented. Achievements, help the applicant decide, if your the right match for them. If employees are talking good things about your business, than you'll have long term relationships. Word of Mouth!

The Career Map

Using the Career Map, the applicant, will be able to pin point your career opportunities. Do you remember, scrolling through pages and pages of jobs, just trying to find the right one. That's what applicants deal with. Well, never mind that! At virtual resume, they won't have to. They'll be able to zoom to their exact location to find your career position, that you posted; in their field of expertise. Even if they wanted to relocate, they could find any position, that your business posts; worldwide. You'll be found on the first page, versus the last. The Best Part! There is no page. Your listing is always visible. Reminder: Be competitive with your position salaries! You'll be able to see other business's position salaries and post according to your budget. Set up a Business Platform Plan that works for your business!

The Personal Board

Using the Personal Board, you'll be able to share personal posts about your life; as an applicant, your employees, and yourself. You can post: interests, photos, videos, and even your current status. Share your interests with friends and keep them updated with what your doing in your life. Pretty Simple! As a business, you could also post employee achievements and employee appreciation, which helps your business, as a whole. It tells applicants, that your business, is a great business to work for.

The Career Board

Using the Career Board, you'll be able to post your open positions with full description and detail. If you visit the applicants profile, you'll be able to watch the applicants "resume video", which represents the position they'll be applying to and all the details you need to know about them. Their education, experience, and their qualifications. Their credentials will ensure that you have found the right match. You can post an exact html application, or you can add every specification individually, such as: a listing position title, a listing position description, what your business is looking for, responsibilities, goals, etc,. Whatever you wish to post, you can post in your position listing.


Once you find an applicant you like, you can message them. Simply, state that you are replying to their position application and you would like them to work for you. It might help to state the position, if you have more than one position, posted. The applicant can also reply to your position listing post. The applicant would type "APPLYING", underneath your listing post. This would indicate that they are applying or are interested. The applicant can also share their actual resume through messenger, privately. No more multiple businesses trying to contact them because they saw their resume, posted; everywhere. Your business, is the only business, who sees their resume. Less Competition! More Confidential!

The Interview

Now that you've been talking with the applicant, back and forth, about the available position; you'll want to interview them. Great News! You can create an interview with them, from your computer or phone. Super Simple! Set up an account on the Interview Page, in your profile. Set up all your specifications. Once you're ready, send them an invite code, through messenger. The applicant inputs the code and the interview is launched. Good Luck! We hope you find the right match for your business.

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